Saturday, October 25, 2014

Building & Construction Industry Shows October - December 2014

NeoCon East 2014
Baltimore, MD
October 29th-30th

Building Industry Show
Riverside, CA
November 5-6th
Event FAQ:
Denise Kennedy
(949) 553-9500 x116 

Mid-Atlantic Building & Facilities Management Show & Conference
New Orleans
November 5th- 6th

Water Quality Technology Conference
New Orleans, LA
November 16th -20th


International Pool, Spa and Patio Expo
Orlando, FL
November 2nd-7th
Event FAQ:

ASLA Annual Meeting & EXPO
Denver, CO
November 21st-24th
Event FAQ:

Renewable Energy World Conference & Expo
Orlando, FL
December 9th-11th
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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Free Skilled Labor Agreement Template

 Photo By: Skilled Labor Agreement By Shake's Law

Whether you’re a carpenter, plumber, electrician, mason, maintenance/repair person, landscaper, or house cleaner — or are looking to hire one — Shake’s Skilled Labor Agreement will help you and the person you’re working with get on the same page.

The Skilled Labor Agreement is a quick, mobile, plain-English contract that documents the terms of the working relationship between a skilled worker (who is not an employee) and a client. Among the things it covers are:
  • The Scope of Work
  • Change Orders
  • Invoicing & Payment
  • Permits, Certificates & Licenses
  • Insurance
  • Liens
  • Warranties
  • Agreement Termination
As with any situation where you’re entering into an agreement with someone, educate yourself first. There may be laws specific to your state that dictate whether certain kinds of skilled laborers are to be treated as employees rather than independent contractors for certain kinds of tax withholding purposes. 
Get the Skilled Labor Agreement for free here.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

GovPlanet: Could Surplus Help Your Business?

Why GovPlanet

There's no easier way to buy and sell surplus assets.

Introducing GovPlanet
GovPlanet is the new online auction marketplace for buying and selling government property. Our convenient, reliable and easy-to-use auction approach minimizes hassles and maximizes both buyer and seller satisfaction. Unlike other auction companies, our items are inspected & guaranteed. Buy it. Sell it.
Why pay the costs of sending your surplus equipment to a physical auction? We sell it right from your location. We'll come inspect it and let buyers from across the globe know exactly what they are bidding on. This brings fair, competitive prices to both parties.
IroClad Assurance
There is no need to travel to an auction or wait for one to come to your area. GovPlanet is 100% online which means you get a wide selection of trucks, trailers and equipment to choose from. Taking advantage of our IronClad Assurance® and our auction format, you set the price
Years of Credibility
IronPlanet® - the leading online marketplace for the construction world - has sold over $3.5 billion of equipment to buyers in over 150 countries. Now we're bringing over 14 years of expertise to the government surplus market with the launch of GovPlanet. Give it a try, we'll work hard to make you happy.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Inland Empire's Largest Mixer VIII

Inland Empire's Largest Mixer VIII

Date: Wednesday, October 22, 2014
For Exhibitor or General Information:
Time: 4 p.m. - 8 p.m.
909.560.2800 or
The Largest Mixer is open to the entire
Admission: $20 per person
business community!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Considerations when Choosing Roofing Systems

When choosing roofing systems, you will come across several options to choose from and there are a couple of things you need to consider in order to make a well informed decision. Not all systems are the same. The system you choose should compliment the overall look of your home. It is precisely for this reason that you need to consider the following important factors before making a decision.

The roofing system of your home should be selected in accordance to the area where the home is. Different regions are known to use different roofing materials. For instance, north eastern regions rely on slate while the south uses wood shingles and metal shingles. For this reason, it is important to weigh your options carefully before making a decision. When selecting a roofing system, it is extremely important to ensure it compliments your style as well as the materials used in other surrounding homes. What is more, different types of homes require different systems. As such, you should weigh your options carefully before making your pick.

This is another important thing you need to consider when looking at your options. In this case, make sure that the color of the roofing systems compliments the style of your home and exterior color as well. For instance, if you decide to settle with asphalt shingles, you can find these in different colors and you can choose one that compliments your home best. You also have to consider other factors like energy efficiency when settling on your most preferred color. Those building in warm climates for instance should settle for light colors that reflect sunlight and help by keeping the house cooler while those in cool climates should settle for a dark color in order ensure heat is absorbed from sources such as the sun.

When choosing roofing systems, you have to look at the building codes of your local areas in order to select the appropriate materials. There are certain areas that demand use of systems that amt least have fire rating and it is important to ensure you meet these requirements. Some of the most flammable options include shakes and wood shingles and it is important to ensure these are treated with fire retardant. In other areas, there are restrictions that need to be adhered to. It is for all these reasons that you need to carry out through research and ensure you settle for the best possible system.

There is bound to be a variance in different types of roofing systems. It is for this reason that you need to come up with a budget of what you are willing to spend. Make sure that you look at different systems and what their cost is in order to carry out a thorough comparison. The cost difference of these systems can at times be large and as such, it is important to consider it carefully.

Most new builders tend to overlook this aspect when choosing their systems. You should be careful not to make the same mistake.  Before investing in any system, you should be careful to look at the weight and build a system that compliments the weight of your home. If you don’t have any clue about this, you should consult with a professional in order to ensure everything is in order.